About Us

Artemis Fine Art Gallery was founded by a small group of art dealers dedicated to education and conservation through visual storytelling. We represent artists and photographers who share a common appreciation for nature and a desire to protect our planet.

A portion of proceeds from all sales supports conservation efforts by foundations chosen by our artists. At present, these include:
The Great Plains Foundation
Surfrider Foundation
National Resources Defense Council
Arts for Animals
National Geographic Big Cats Initiative
• Vital Impacts

For more information about our gallery or artists, please send email to sales@artemisfineartgallery.com


About Artemis Goddess of Conservation

Why Artemis?  In ancient civilizations, Artemis was formidable in her role as goddess of conservation.  In her earliest form that predates Greek culture she was associated with Mother Nature as a protector of animals, plants and the wilderness.  We see a shift in later Greek culture that includes hunting, child-birth and the moon but always conservation and protector of animals, plants and the wilderness. The gallery takes inspiration from the goddess of conservation as protector. Artists always lead the charge to change.  Throughout history there are many examples of how art moved change forward.  Our mission is to celebrate art inspired by nature to support conservation.

“Let’s use our passion to create a ripple of positivity that starts in our hearts and ends in the universe.”  – Beverly Joubert, National Geographic Explorer-at-Large