Erika Toliusis

The Ocean and me

There are some of us who seek a deeper connection with nature, particularly when standing by the ocean.

It possesses a life of its own, with strength and beauty beyond comprehension, it has the power to heal the deepest wounds. It untangles all the knots in our minds and evaporates every bit of stress out of our system. The ocean has power great enough to let the feeling of joy grow and thrive in every cell of our bodies.

The sounds and movements of the ocean draw me towards it, I become almost hypnotized by the ocean’s reflections spattered in all directions, feeling the urge to just let go…

For many years I have been painting the ocean, with all its different aspects, faces and moods. Travelling extensively has allowed me to appreciate many different shorelines. The more I see, the more I bring back into my studio, as images and memories of those moments that become etched into my soul and I carry forever. By focusing mainly on colour and shape, together with texture I intend to materialize my emotions into my work.

I take the ocean’s story with me, and then I share it with the world, as art delivering a message and reminder of our responsibility for caring and protecting it.


List of Exhibitions