Jeffro Uitto

On the Washington coast there’s a place where nature’s driftwood gets a second chance at stardom and continued beauty. The place is in Jeffro Uitto’s studio, where the artist is making the magic happen. Since he was young Jeffro has been creating with wood, his favorite medium. The finding of each piece of wood for his sculpture is part of his process. In due time the varied sticks, slabs, and roots are cured, and he then goes to work.

“I have many different spots where I am able to hunt for material and I find most of my pieces in the winter, when storms are moving the wood around. In fact, finding material is half the fun, it’s like a big treasure hunt. The pieces I find inspire the project a lot of the time, I will also come up with an idea and then save pieces for as long as it takes to accomplish it.”

These realistic, giant animal sculptures are created entirely from reclaimed driftwood using salvaged tree branches, sticks and roots found on the Washington coastline. Artist Jeffro Uitto can fashion anything from monumental animal sculptures to small, intricate commissioned artworks.

You may be surprised that many of Jeffro’s tools are hand made by the artist himself. After you get to know him, this isn’t surprising at all. Jeffro has a creative fire that burns hot, and it keeps him going full speed when he’s working (and playing). Every project that rolls out of the studio enjoys the same careful construction whether it’s a rose bud made from cedar shavings to his monumental sculptures. Each sculpture can take years to create and finding the right piece for each project can take months at a time. As a finished project comes together you can finally see what Jeffro’s had in his mind all along.

Jeffro has placed his monumental sculptures & commissioned creations with collectors around the US and an International Museum. He continues to increase exhibits of his artworks in galleries & museums.

Jeffro’s heart is on the coast in Washington state. While enjoying the sound of the waves, Jeffro will be working away at his next creation.

“I’ve always loved working with wood. I love using such beautiful, natural shapes and giving them a new lease of life. ‘I’m going to have to live until I’m 300 years old to pull off all the ideas I have.” – Jeffro Uitto